Campbell-Communications, Inc.

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Campbell-Communications, Inc.

140 Debs Pl., 17th Fl.
New York, NY 10475
Phone: 718-671-6989
Ron Campbell, Pres./CEO

Our primary goal is to deliver professionally conducted research with insightful outcomes. Based on our decades of practical experience we also provide sound strategy development. Our services represent a wide range of methodologies including: moderating, ethnography, storytelling, on-premise/environmental interviews, plus IDIs and executive interviews. We’ve used these approaches as tools for the development of effective marketing and advertising strategies, to indentify prime audiences with crystal clarity, concept evaluation for new products, and the assessment of advertising communications through its various stages of development. Our mission is to help our clients identify new business opportunities, provide recommendations and offer guidance for B2C and B2B communications that resonate and achieve the established communications objectives. Our professionally performed services are what distinguish Campbell Communications from our competition. Our experience and unique ability to customize traditional approaches to meet a specific challenge is a key foundation component of our core principles.

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Celebrating Black History Month-Well Maybe!

Business Type: Market Research Firm
Markets: African American Market,Multicultural Market
Industry Expertise: Banking,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Professional Services
Services: Corporate Communications,Market Research

Number of employees: 2

Percent Minority Owned: 100%

Percent Woman Owned: 0%
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