The Source Book of Multicultural Experts 2011-2012

The MMR Library staff has compiled a list of recommended resources that every multicultural marketer and diversity executive should consider for their office bookshelf.

In this section, you will find a list of suggested books, white papers, reports, studies and downloads about multicultural marketing and diversity. These resources are available either for sale within this section, via links to individual websites, at and, in some cases, as a free download.

For additional background reading (at no cost,) make sure to visit other sections of this website such as Articles on multicultural marketing and diversity or within special sections on ethnic markets.

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The Source Book of Multicultural Experts 2011-2012
  • $19.95
The Source Book of Multicultural Experts is an annual directory that includes companies with expertise in marketing to different cultural and lifestyle markets such as Hispanic, Asian American, and African American, women, and gay/lesbian consumers and businesses. Marketers will find resources to reach ethnic consumers, leads to new clients and contacts for possible business alliances. Human resource and purchasing executives will find vendors and suppliers that are women or minority-owned. For journalists, this guide offers a wealth of resources for year-round coverage of a diverse America.